ESPC SharePoint Training Week 17 – 21 of February

Following on from the success of the first European SharePoint Training Week enjoyed by 2,500 attendees European SharePoint Training week is back! From 17th to 21st of February you will see the best speakers and trainers from around the world direct to your computer teaching you how to get the best from SharePoint. With five days of live interactive webinars, educational eBooks and a wide range of unique blogs covering all SharePoint topics, don’t miss this one-off chance to hear the latest cutting edge content on SharePoint 2013 and interact with these global thought leaders.

I’m delighted to be involved and am presenting a webinar on Tuesday, 18th February on Create a Blueprint of your Farm using PowerShell


Join me on Tuesday, 18th February at 3:00PM GMT and learn how to gather relevant information from SharePoint for duplicating your Farm and understand how PowerShell interacts with XML for portable storage of relational data. Register Now>>

With other live webinars from Sahil Malik, Adis Jugo, Corey Burke, Paul Swider, Jasper Oosterveld and Christian Buckley be sure to check out the agenda here>>

On Thursday 20th February, we will have a range of superb eBook and insightful blogs by some of the leading experts in the SharePoint industry. Contributors include; Agnes Molnar, Alan Richards, Juan Carlos Gonzalez Martin, Nicki Borell, Naomi Moneypenny, Jeff Fried, Eric Riz  and Jussi Mori.

I will also be speaking at the European SharePoint Conference in May! The conference are currently running an Early Booking Offer ending February 14th. Click here for more information on the conference

See you there!


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European SharePoint Conference in Barcelona – May 2014

In case you missed it, the European SharePoint Conference 2014 programme is now available and I’m delighted to announce that I am speaking at Europe’s largest SharePoint event in Barcelona, Spain from the 5-8th May 2014.
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SharePoint User Group SUGUK Cambridge Slides

I had a great time presenting at the SP User Group in Cambridge. Below I have linked to my presentation slide deck for anyone interested, along with the scripts I use for my demos.
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Uploading files to SharePoint with PowerShell and Web Services

This script uses PowerShell to upload a file to a document library in SharePoint using purely web service calls so it could be done remotely, also meaning it should work with O365 though I have not tried.
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Working with CSV files in PowerShell

When pulling data, or configuration information, out of SharePoint that you are not going to immediately use generally needs somewhere to be stored so it can be used at a later time. This is method I use a ton during SharePoint migrations, documentation, or just mapping settings from one Farm to another.

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Finding Duplicate List Fields

Once upon a time…

A customer migrated a MOSS 2007 database to the magnificent beast known as SharePoint 2010. Everything appeared to be peachy in the land of… let’s say peaches. Along comes SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 and this is where our story begins…

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SharePoint 2010 Profile to Content Synch failure

I came across this bizarre issue recently where a customer had enabled the In-Place Records Management Site Collection Feature at some point which somehow ended in breaking the synchronization between the SharePoint User Profiles and the Site Collection Profiles.  Not sure how it got from point A to point B, but here is how I ended up resolving it.

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PowerShell and WPF – Part 1

In an effort to build a useful SharePoint 2010 Auto Installer utility for my team to use I have begun to play with PowerShell and WPF to build useful chunks of GUI goodness. This first chunk is the piece that collects the Roles a particular server will play in the SharePoint Farm. Being the most basic chunk it also served as my introduction to PowerShell and WPF as a happily married couple with children to follow.

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Installing SharePoint 2010 Language Packs with PowerShell

I’m a fan of doing work to save work. Thankfully PowerShell helps me do that.  SharePoint Language packs have been notorious for being a long drawn out process since they were first introduced. I was recently faced with installing all available language packs across multiple Farms with multiple WFE’s. After painstakingly making it through the first couple of Farms I figured it would be better to spend a little time crafting a script that would do it for me for the rest of the Farms.

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Export SharePoint Solution Packages from the Farm

I am right in the middle of a rebuild of a customer’s Farm and am reminded of this script I wrote many moons ago to export all Farm solution packages from the config database out to disk. This is a powershell script that uses the SharePoint API to enumerate and dump the WSPs into a ZIP file. Read On…

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